Do You Qualify?


liposuction-candidates-are-you-a-candidateWho is a Good Candidate For Liposuction?

As much as you’d like to undergo liposuction, not everyone is qualified for the procedure. There are certain health risks involved that need to be considered to avoid complications. Therefore, it is advised that you consult with your doctor first.  You should discuss any existing health conditions that might prevent you from becoming a likely candidate for liposuction.

About Liposuction Candidates

To be a good candidate for liposuction, you need to meet certain requirements, most of which pertain to your health condition. Just like any other type of surgery, liposuction could also pose a risk to your health and you need to address them.

First, you need to have realistic expectations when it comes to results from the procedure. There are several existing plastic surgery procedures available and each one of them caters to your specific aesthetic and functional needs. Therefore, you cannot expect a single procedure, such as liposuction, to do it all for you.

Furthermore, you need to back up liposuction with proper diet and exercise. If not, you will find those returning following the procedure. You cannot expect to undergo this procedure and be fat-proof after that.

Possible Candidates for Liposuction

Since liposuction aims to remove accumulated fats under your skin, the best candidates for this procedure are those with flabby areas in their body such as neck, thighs, arms, and abdomen.  You might notice that there are certain stubborn areas in your body that retain fat deposits despite a healthy diet and regular exercise. This could be due to several factors such as body chemistry or genetic make-up. Liposuction could be an effective means to get rid of those stubborn fats once and for all.

Aside from this obvious consideration, liposuction is best for physically fit or healthy individuals, preferably those who exercise regularly and are not more than 20 pounds over the normal weight for their age.

Moreover, you can get optimum results from liposuction if you have localized fat deposits. However, you cannot expect dramatic changes in the appearance of your body as soon as you undergo this procedure. Doctors, on the other hand, do not advise crash dieting to speed up the results.

Limitations to Your Candidacy for Liposuction

If you want to lose weight and are looking at liposuction as an option for this, you will not achieve the result you want. Overweight individuals and those with extremely large areas where fat has deposited are not recommended for this type of procedure. However, you are not entirely exempted from undergoing liposuction. If you really want to pursue liposuction, you must first lose some weight or reduce those fatty areas through diet or exercise.

For extremely overweight individuals wherein diet and exercise will not help, doctors recommend you undergo gastric bypass instead of liposuction. Meanwhile, if you happen to lose weight and need to tighten up your muscles, then abdominoplasty might be the procedure to go for.

It is important to undergo honest assessment with your doctor in terms of your body and condition of your health.  This is the only correct method to determine what procedure you really need.

Age is another major limitation for undergoing liposuction. As people age, the skin eventually loses its elasticity. Older patients might notice that despite liposuction procedures, their skin is not as tight when compared to younger patients. 

Moreover, patients beyond the age of 40 have less skin contraction and the procedure will most likely result to an looser skin. In fact, some doctors will not even proceed with the procedure if a patient has skin lacking elasticity.

Best for Liposuction

Here is a rundown of qualities that make you a likely candidate for liposuction: 

       Overall good health condition

       Within 25 pounds of ideal weight

       Have fatty problem areas

       Have not had previous surgery in the same area to be treated

       With elastic and firm skin

       Do not have fluctuating weight

       Aim towards reshaping or sculpting the body


       Psychologically stable

       Have substantial knowledge of the procedure

Meanwhile, if you have the following qualities, then you should think twice, or consult your doctor before proceeding with liposuction:

       If you have clotting disorders


       Suffering from physical and emotional trauma

       Have hernias untreated within the same area to be treated

       Have inelastic skin