Finding a cosmetic or a plastic surgeon

Finding The Right Liposuction Melbourne Doctor

liposuction-finding-the-top-notch-doctorHow to find a skilled cosmetic or plastic surgeon that is right for your cosmetic enhancement needs?

The success of your liposuction procedure is often determined by the skill and expertise of the doctor, practitioner or  the service provider who performs the procedure. That is why it was the topic of debate during the earlier stages of liposuction development.

Now that more doctors have studied and developed the skill needed to perform this procedure, you must not be complacent.  Devote time in selecting the right doctor for the job. After all, not only is the success of the procedure on the line, but your health and life as well.

Choosing your doctor entails as much work as choosing the right procedure to be done to treat your specific problems. Here are a few areas you must look into to help in your search.

History of the Doctor

The search for a reliable plastic surgeon must not be taken lightly. Aside from your image, your health is also at risk. Whether you have a list from which you are choosing or are still in the process of looking for a surgeon, it is best to opt for someone who has been in the field of plastic surgery for a considerable amount of time.

Take note of how many surgeries they have performed over the span of their career and the success ratio for the procedure. The more experience they have in this field, the more confident you will become about achieving your desired outcome.

Aside from what you have gathered in the research, you need to ask as many questions of the doctor as possible. Look into the details of various cases of liposuction surgery he or she has done in the past. This should give you a better idea of what their specific fields of expertise are.


The Australian Board of Plastic Surgery contains a list of certified doctors in the country.  They are your best source for finding out whether a particular doctor has the skills and expertise needed to perform plastic surgical operations such as liposuction.

If the doctor you are considering appears on the said board’s list, then you can proceed with this doctor. As long as your doctor has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, it only means that they have graduated from a reputed medical school, accomplished 5 years of residency. However, this is not to dismiss doctors that are not board certified, since there are a few skilled ones who are not. But with the board’s certification, you can be assured that your doctor is among the best there is. 

Determine Your Problem Area

Although most general plastic surgeons are able to perform, most of them are experts in certain regions. Therefore, you need to consider the specific area of the body you want to treat when choosing your doctor.

Ask a particular doctor in which areas of the body they have the highest level of expertise or specialization. Aside from that, take note of other important details such as how many times they have performed that specific liposuction procedure on past patients. This should really help narrow down your choices. 

Doctor’s Reputation

Just like any other field, reputation is vital in choosing a particular doctor. If a certain surgeon has been successful in delivering high quality results, they usually have a good reputation based on testaments from their satisfied patients.

Other additional factors to consider are where the doctor will perform the actual surgery. Is it in a local hospital facility or in the doctor’s own office? It is important that even though your doctor performs the surgery from his office, he must be affiliated with the local hospital so you can have access to their larger facilities, in case something goes wrong during the operation.

Comfort Level between Doctor and Patient

Feeling comfortable with your doctor is one of the most essential factors you need to consider. This is important because you will have to work together in order to achieve your desired results. The level of interaction is constant, from the pre-surgical procedure, to the actual surgery, and post-surgical follow ups. Therefore, you must have a doctor that is as committed to the surgery as you are.

A practical tip you need to consider is choosing a doctor whose office is not too distant from where you live.